Welcome. Thanks so much for being here.

I have been on this earth for 37 years. I am a wife. I am a mother. And I can’t believe any of it. I have a full-time job outside of the home, a 16 month-old son, social anxiety, and 4 dogs (5 until recently, but that’s a tragic story for another day). Many days, I have to wade through a whole lot of emotional/mental shit just to get through, to be who my family needs me to be, to survive. But there are plenty of reasons to smile, reasons to laugh, reasons to hope. There is peace to be found, love to be felt, and a deep breath to be taken. My goal here is to connect…in a way that somehow feels both comfortably safe and terribly frightening.

Welcome to my blog. There will be profanity, cynicism, and sarcasm. But there will also be honesty, compassion, and forgiveness. And there will be plenty of humor because, if we can’t laugh at ourselves and the world in the midst of all the hardship, craziness, and bullshit, what’s the point anyway?

I hope you get at least one of the following things out of this blog:

  1. You hear a voice much like yours saying the things you needed to hear
  2. You learn and practice empathy
  3. You laugh, preferably out loud, and preferably with me rather than at me. But, hey, whatever works.

And, off we go…

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